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Monday, November 20, 2006

Now presenting...

Last Wednesday the first three people to complete Capstone gave their presentations. It was odd to watch them as I have known all of these people all the years that I've been here. These presentations were nothing new to me as I've been sitting through the presentations since my Freshman year, and they usually all say the same thing: pack your suitcase, there are no jobs, and here's what I did. Steve talked a lot about his journey to get where he is, and it got me thinking about how I got to where I was. I started out Broadcasting by accident, and yet, once I get into something, I always give my entire being to it, no matter what it is. That's why I think I've gotten so much help and so many opportunities throughout my years here, because I have passion.

This capstone class, nostalgic as it is to see them go, isn't the one that made me cry. Kirsten and I have been the two ridiculous people since Freshman year, and I know that I'll miss her. BUT the only presentation that I ever broke down and cried after was Pat Sandora's. I knew that we were losing an irreplacable source in our news room, and I still miss him. Luckily, he's out making his way in the world becoming more and more famous everyday, so...YAY!!

I really don't have a lot of thoughts on the capstone presentations other than to be organized and ready to sell yourself to that crowd. That's all I have.

Thank you, and good night.


Blogger Patrick said...

You're TOO kinda, Aidan!

I miss the newsroom so much sometimes. Love the blog.

9:05 AM  

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