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Saturday, October 07, 2006

A week in the life...

This week in broadcasting I did a bunch of things-- because without a week full of broadcasting, my life would be mundane and slow. Much like it was over the summer.

Anyway, starting out the week we had our usual County Line meeting to throw some ideas around. I really need to work on the attendance of people to the meeting. I understand that this is a semester where there aren't a lot of packages being thrown out there because no classes really make us, but I remember it being a requirement to at least go to the meeting when I was in BC251.

I did my weekly afternoon radio shift, which I'm still trying to get into the groove with. I've been spoiled by having Mike in the studio with me on Thursdays, so when its just me talking to myself, I get all word-vomity and don't have complete thoughts all the time. For instance, a Creed song was playing and I remembered them going off the deep end whenever someone compared them to Pearl Jam, so whenever the song was over I said: "That was Creed, 'With Arms Wide Open.' But don't go calling them....NOT CREED...because they won't like it." At least I know how to keep rolling and make fun of myself. I'll just have to keep working harder so I can get back into a nice flow with everything.

Mike and I had our morning show on Thursday and it was one of our better shows. We had bad joke Thursday, as we do the first week of every month, and our "Pet Peeve of the Week." This week, I went off about squishy grapes while Mike complained about something irrelevant to my squishy grapes. We're adding a new feature where we will have our pet peeve and now we'll salute something also. Keep an ear out for that this Thursday with its debut.

I produced The County Line this week again. I really really enjoy doing the show, so Thursday are very stressful, but the highlight of my week. The show went really well, with another debut of a new anchor, Megan Alexander, and everyone did a really great job. Our interview segment was a blowout of information with New Wilmington Police Chief, Carmen Piccarrillo and how to keep our kids safe in school. It was actually one of our better shows this year, and hopefully, they can only get better.

I also had a job interview a WKBN this week for a part-time producing position. It was a really good experience for me, so I'm glad I got to do it regardless of if I get the job or not. Gary Coursen, the news director, was a really nice man and it seems like a very friendly environment. I took a writing test, which was conducted on this really neat computer program and it timed out everything that I wrote. I want that program!!

I also put in a resume to a videographer who tapes National Horse shows. He's looking for someone to tape with him, so maybe I can combine my two passions -- horses and broadcasting. How awesome would that be?

And with that, I can say no more. I'm done.


Blogger Liz Farry said...

Glad TCL went well this week! Probably because C.Picc was on it. :)

6:49 AM  

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