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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Stay Classy Westminster

Thinking back on all of my valuable learning experiences here at the 'Minster, I must say that one class that really let me explore myself and learn a lot was my screenwriting class with Dr. Mitchell. In the class we had to write two twenty-minute screenplays about anything that we liked. It really made me hone into writing believable dialogue for different characters and try to perfect the dramatic paradigm. This really gave me the confidence to want to write and get back into my dramatic/creative writing. Because it seems the more I do broadcast writing, the farther away I get from my creativity. It was just a nice little break from hard-hitting facts to getting to embellish and create something more visual.

On the flipside, I would have to say that the best broadcasting class I ever took was the producing/directing class. It let me test drive producing before I really committed to anything and allowed me to fall in love with it Wednesday night after Wednesday night. It also let me field produce and wrangle with talent, which really helped me with my managerial skills. Overall, it was just very beneficial to help me get where I am today.

Now, out of all of this, I wouldhave to say one of the most influential teachers (outside of broadcasting) would be Dr. Mitchell. She has educated me so much on mise en scene, the movie making process, and just a whole bunch of things that I never even considered in lfe. I also recently found out that she was a producer before she started teaching, so that makes me like her even more. She has such passion for everything in entertainment and makes me excited about what she's excited about. Dr. Mitchell is just an asset to my learning process.

Well that's all the gushing I have for now!
It's over.


Blogger Brad Weaver, BC Instructor said...

Keep on writing and make your next goal about submitting or publishing.

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