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Sunday, October 15, 2006

The senior project

So I am currently writing from Boston where I am brainstorming with my best friend Lindsay on what to write about. She and I have a basic idea for the show pretty mapped out, now all we have to do is start writing it all down.

I figure that my sitcom should be presentable within a month, so I'm just going to work on it and edit it for the next month and then show it to Dr. Mitchell. I'll take her criticism and see how else I can improve it before I get it copywrited. After I get that done, I'm hoping and praying to send it to Tim Kaiser and have a phone meeting with him. However, I was recently informed that he is producing the new show The Class, which limits his time greatly. But I am determined to get this man on the phone, and I will do it. If not, then I'll come up with a backup plan rather quickly. it's what I do.

Speaking of what I want to do, I recieved an e-mail from Mr. Coursen today from WKBN about the part-time position. He said they recently recieved an application from a producer from Erie, and while I am a finalist for the position, I will probably not recieve it. All in all, though, I really think that it was a great learning experience for me to go and meet some professionals. I'm not the least bit discouraged from my search because with every door that closes, another opens, and I'm going to apply for an internship and apply for a part time position down at WTAE. We'll see how that goes. I need to research local companies to see if there is a production company or anything in the area, even if I produced theatre, I think that's an avenue I am going to explore. Then I'm working with different kinds of talent. And more experience the better.

Well that's how that's going. Thats all I've got.


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