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Sunday, September 17, 2006

And then we had a show

Thursday night was the first show of The County Line, and I must say that it went better than I expected. This new crew is already working above and beyond my expectations and I'm really excited to get to know them.

In class we talked about who we were going to interview for our Capstone Alumni Report, as I will call it, and I really REALLY want to get a hold of Tim Kaiser. He's been a producer for some of my very favorite shows and it gives me hope that a Westminster Alumni can make such a big splash as a sitcom producer. Seeing as how I want to follow in his footsteps, I hink it would be very beneficial to talk to him about the process he went through to get where he is today.

I was snooping around online looking at some producer's blogs and I stumbled upon the blog for Last Comic Standing. I'm not really a fan of the show, meaning that I've never been home to watch it, so the first post didn't really mean a thing to me, other than the fact most talent doesn't like their producer. I think it's because everyone lways resents their boss a little bit, even if they genuinely like them any other time.

Well, it's another week, another County Line...and I'm hoping this one is even better than the one we had last week. Cross your fingers!


Blogger Liz Farry said...

Aidan, I'm so glad TCL went well. I'm sure that was in large part due to your awesomeness in getting everyone together! Way to be.

9:19 AM  

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