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Sunday, August 20, 2006

And then my summer was over

With August coming to an end, I guess it's about that time for me to reflect on my summer. I didn't go the route that Mr. Weaver would have preferred, meaning that I did not get a broadcasting job for the summer producing or being a road runner for some small station. I may have enjoyed doing that, since it is indeed what I want to do after I graduate...but I instead returned to my previous employer of Nemacolin Woodlands. Now, most people would not associate being a trail guide to producing, but after a lot of speculation while driving, I've decided that this job helped tune my skills.

First of all, I was not only just a "trail guide." I had to take reservations, decide how many appointments we could fit into one hour, stack the line, be a liasion between the equestrian center and the actual resort, and so on and so forth. And fo some reason, whenever there was some split-second decision to be made, my boss, Jennifer would ask me for advice.

Now, I understand that it may not seem like much, and that I just sat around in a stable for 10 hours a day mucking stalls and leading scared old people around on horseback. But I feel that it has helped me with multi- tasking even more and that I helped gain a more precise time-clock in my head. Because, as I was out on trail I would have to bark instructions to the people behind me while guiding my own horse, looking out for wildlife, and think of interesting anecdotes to tell people so that they would forget about their fears. Also, I found that a clever anecdote and a happy customer lead to higher tips, which makes this person very happy.

Also during the summer I attempted to get a job writing for a tri-state horse newspaper, but after calling three times a week and Antonio never returning my calls, I found other things to devote my attention to. So at least there was an attempt to doing something involved with media while I was on vacation. Also on the job front, I am sending a company my resume who needs part time help in October to tape major horse shows in Harrisburg and Washington. I figure that with my expertise with horses and my experience with camera equipment and linear editing, I should at least be a condidate for the job. Fingers crossed everyone.

Well, I'm done talking about myself and analyzing my summer. School starts soon and I have to get everything in order before I go back. T-Minus 7 days.


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