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Thursday, February 23, 2006

And then I had a Deadline

I did my deadline project today. Seeing as how I didn't expect there to be a men's basketball game tonight instead of The County Line, I opted to do the project because this was the only day I could get the bed and breakfast lady to meet with me. I decided that since I was going to have to hurry up and do my package anyway, why not get my deadline project out of the way? That means that I had to get an assignment, go shoot, edit, write and eveything before six o'clock --an hour and a half before the show aired. BUT the show didn't air tonight because of the men's basketball I stated before.
The package was mediocre, because 1) I didn't like the shot we had for the interview. I hate two shot interviews...get a close up and if you can't, voice an objection and we'll move locations if possble.
2) The camera got moody and refused to white balance halfway though the shoot. We had to keep white balancing and white balancing from room to room because there was so much different light. We even tried changing filters, but it still wouldn't I probably hit something without realizing it. Everything turned out ok in the end, though.
I need to start to really listen when I go out into the field. My packages are ok, but I really want to make them pop. I usually get an idea for what I want before I even leave the newsroom when I go to shoot...but it seems like my expectations are never completely met. I just really need to step it up a notch. I'm still pleased overall though since this was only my second package this year, and I hadn't really done anything on air since my "On the Road" days. I'm getting back into the flow of it, and as soon as I do, WATCH OUT MAN!
I get to produce the show next week and I'm looking forward to putting it together. Producing really is my passion...I just love figuring out how to put everything together and getting it to flow... it's like a giant time puzzle...And god knows I'm always up for a challenge.

Until next time!!


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