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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Very Nice

If you'relooking for a movie that will help crack open the pictures in your mind and expand your level of understanding about other cultures...this movie is not for you.

Borat is a mockumentary about a news reporter from Khazikhistan and his producer traveling to the united staes to help encourage understanding of other cultures for his people. Borat contacts many scholars, like a humor specialist, feminists, and even african americans to teach him what its like to be free in america.

After a "devastating" telegram fron Khazikhistan telling borat that his wife died, he decided to celebrate by travelling across the country to find his true love: Pamela Anderson.

While there are many outrageous moments (i.e. the naked wrestling scene) it's a very clever movie that cracks your funny bone and makes you feel better about your own discriminations against people.

this movie is not for people who take themselves seriously, you have totake it with a grain of salt and laugh at the tongue-in-cheek references to Jewish people, mentally handicapped, and women.

Overall, an A+ film.


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