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Saturday, February 10, 2007

30 Days

In class, we watched the FX reality tv show "30 Days" which is show where people go to live with people that they either hate or whom they clash ideas with. In this episode, a minuteman on the boarder in texas goes to live with a family of illegal aliens in L.A.

Looking at the producing crew, the heavy hitter is supposed to be Morgan Spurlock who produced the smash documentary "Supersize Me," which is about the effects of fast food on the body. Looking at his filmography on IMDB, he produced two episodes. Not so much the heavy hand in the show we thought he was, eh?

Anyway, looking at everything about the show, number one it had to be on FX because it's trying to be the new edgy station. They have Nip/Tuck, Dirt, and everything else for the "serious viewer" who only watches heavy realistic drama and needs to be constantly entertained with either life changing events or thick plot twists. Plus gratuitous sex never hurts. The show was executive produced by a guy who used to produce cops, so he had a heavy hand in early reality tv, and knew how things should look to make it seem like higher drama than it really was.

But, I'm getting away from the real atrocities here: the program itself. It not only single-handedly made me loose my sympathy for illegal aliens, it also made me want to change the channel constanly, but since I was a captive audience, all I could look forward to were the commercials, but since it was a tivo'd version I didn't even get that satisfaction. Now you're pobably wondering why I lost all of my sympathy for illegal aliens. Here it goes:

The eldest daughter is eighteen, very bright, and NOT A CITIZEN. She applied to PRINCETON saying that she could get a FREE RIDE because of her parents low income. HELLO!!!! Many caps here to show my anger. There are so many gifted minorities and other people in this country that could use that money to go to school. Why should I be giving my money to them? We don't pay for canadians to go to school in canada, why should i pay for mexicans to go to school here? Mr. Weaver brought up the point that some grants go to people in prison. Well, my money is already going towards them sitting in those jail cells, I might as well pay for them to learn something while they're there.

I understand that they are people and that they are fleeing poverty and I can understand that. But look at all the poverty here in America. You don't see underpriveleged people fleeing to the boarders of Canada. We need to take care of our own problems. This goes into how America is always trying to be the world's police. And that is not what this is about. But 30 Days is trying to push n agenda on me that I don't appreciate or empthize with, and I'm glad it's no longer around.


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