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Sunday, February 25, 2007

My week in broadcasting...

This week I worked with in the normal routine of my broadcasting life. I went to my intership at WKBN where I wrote some scripts, went out on a few story assignments and made endless phone calls. I'm getting better on the phone all the time, and I'm becoming a little shark, not resting until my problem is solved and all my questions are answered. I've evolved a lot fromhardly being able to call my riding instructor.

I also helped with the county line, overseeing Nicky and developing a shorter run down for her. Nicky did a raelly good job managing every one and made some really good decisions throughout the week.

I also did my radio shift and my morning show with Mike, which was successful as usual. We need to gointo syndication. We are a classic couple on-air and I'm really beginning to realize how much I'm going to miss Mike when I graduate and he moves away tobe a boss somewhere and I'm living out of a refridgerator box. It will be well docrated,though, I assure you.

I was also in a play that opened this week which was the last time I will ever be on stage in my entire life, which is very sad.But I'm also glad the play is over so I can dedicate more time toother things I've had to neglect in my life.

That was my week. I'm tired and need to gorecover for the next week up ahead.


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