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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Media and Reality

I'm supposed to evaluate my and everyone else's reality concerning perception and media. I look at it this way: my reality is influenced by the figures and situations in my life. I see things differently than everyone else around me and they see everything differently than everyone around them. There is no set "reality." We hatch our own and act out in our world the way we've been taught. As for within the meadia, our reality is what they put forth for us. This is where gatekeeping comes in. We care about poor little white girl lost in Aruba because they tellus to. We care about Terry Schiavo and John-Bennette Ramsey because the "world" thinks this is important. And I have to see digitally mastered photos of what baby Shiloh will look like when she grows up because that's what people "care about" in their reality.

While gatekeeping is a very scary topic to discuss because it outlines the fact that wenever know the real truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth...but regardless, as I stated before, that could never really happen. That is because everyone has a different take on everything and so which ever story we heard, it would come out of someone's face differently the next time we heard it. But I digress, gatekeeping only lets us hear one side of the story and keeps our realities limited to what the media shows us and tells us. This creates narrow-mindedness and the inability to look at situations in other light because if Katie Couric says it, it must be true.

There is no right answer to this issue because again, I may think I have it right while someone else will think I'm totally out of my gourd.

The end.


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