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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Idol vs. Stars

I don't regularly watch American Idol, and I have NEVER graced my eyes with the presence of Dancing with the Stars, but I heard news this week that made me interested in their ratings. It seems that Idol wants to steal some ratings away from Stars' first clicks by leaking over about five minutes. Other shows have done this in the past to try to win more time slots, but nothing to this magnitude.

Idol on Tuesday had a littleover 29 million viewers, while it dropped down to 27 million on Wednesday. Now here's the thing, Stars pales in comparison with "only" 21 million viewers, but I feel a personal vendetta here from Fox against its ABC competitor. It wants to shove the fact that its the number one rated viewer choose the winner show and that it can steal viewers away. Stupid You bet it is, but not if you're the person geting the extra advetising that would come with Idol leaking over.So maybe its not such a bad move after all.


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