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I recently received a job from SBS Farms in New York. I am moving to Florida to work with some of the most talented individuals in the horse industry.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Looking at the fact I have to do an E-Portfolio and do one SOON, I guess it's time to consider what should top my little list here.

First off, I need a complete slate with all my contact info and maybe a cute little logo that I should make up. I'm going to brand myself and thus make me more identifiable. Then I suppose it depends on what I'm sending it out for, if its radio, I'll put radio stuff on top, like an air check of my morning show, some news erading, and a resume tape from remotes and a regular shift.

Then I need to add writing samples, maybe some video of a show I rpoduced, and my resume.

It needs to be simple, straight to the point and give them just enough to know that they want me and not bore those future employers to death.

The job search continues...and I'm freaking out.


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