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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Media Usage Inventory

For Mass Comm. I was asked to take a look at all the media I use and how often I use it. Here are the questions I was asked to answer:

Media Usage Inventory

How often do you use the telephone? Who do you call most often?
On average, I have 351 calls/month. I don't have a set calling list, but I usually call work associates, classmates, and the romantic interest the most.

When’s the last time you listened to a speech (not required for class)? What was it and why?
At the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival last week about the Irene Ryan Awards.

How often do you IM? Name two people on your buddy list or people you frequently chat with?
I don't IM all that often, but I usualy talk to Danielle to find out where she is and also my roommate to mess with her when she's sitting across the room. I use AIM as a locator to see where the people are I need to call.

When’s the last time you paid for music to listen to? What was it? CD? iTunes? concert?
Last music purchase was in September when I bouth Fergie's The Dutchess CD.

What’s the most recent thing you’ve watched on TV? Why?
The last thing I watched was South Park because it was late at night and I was looking for amusement.

When’s the last time you recorded a movie or television program? What was it?
I don't record, I rent. And I rented Casablanca last night because I had never seen it

Name the most recent movie you watched for fun at the theater? DVD?
I saw Stranger than Fiction last in the theatre.

Name the type of radio station you last listened to & why?
I usually listen to Titan Radio or KISS FM if I must listen to the radio, but I prefer my IPOD. I listen to those stations to find new music to download.

Name the most recent book you read for YOU (not a class)? Why?
Catcher in the Rye because I wanted to know why it caused people to kill celebrities.

When was the last time you read a newspaper? Name it? Why were you reading it?
I read USA Today in L.A. because there was nothing good on TV.

Same question as #5, but apply it to magazine.
I read Sky Mall in the airplane because there was nothing to do and I was trapped in a flying object.

When’s the last time you wrote a letter and sent it?
When I was in first grade.

Name a web site you frequent or have bookmarked on your browser? When’s the last time you visited? Why? to look for horses for sale. I go there atleast once a week.

Do you have a “My Space” or “Facebook” or other type page? Why?
I have both. My myspace is neglected because I only got one because my friend made me, but I have a facebook to keep contact with friends and stay updated on their status.

Do you blog? How often? Why?0
Oh, I blog. I blog for two classes now and I will blog every week.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what's your fav medium/media?
How'd you react if we took it away from you?

7:41 PM  
Blogger Liz Farry said...

ooh, i love fergie's new cd.....

4:33 PM  

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