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Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Break is Ending

Over the break I took my sitcom to my brother's company which doesn't have a lot to do with broadcasting or sitcoms in general, but they are a group of creative individuals that set up shop to brainstorm and develop plots and characters for videogames. I figured that they would at least have some sort of interesting comments for me. I talked to my brother's friend Patsy who liked the general concept, but gave a me some constructive criticism on how to buff up the B-storyline and make a stronger, more climactic ending. I also showed it to my brother, which is always the hardest thing for me to do because he is so smart and creative, and my work always feels so inferior to his, but he complimented my writing and said that I had a good foundation for something that I can continually work on.

I also ventured out to Los Angelas and San Diego over break to scope out whether or not I would want to lvie there, and I am soooooo there. My hotel was a block away from NBC in San Diego but due to time constraints I never got to go inside. So sad, but it was still a nice research project nonetheles.

I've also been reflecting on my professional capabilities. I think that some of my strengths are being fair, a very good time manager, and I also am very capable of working well under pressure.

My weaknesses would have to be putting pride in my work, I never feel 100% about anything that I do. I always try my hardest but I never feel that anything is good enough.

I'm looking forward to starting my internship when I get back to school, but I must first go to New York for an acting competition that I'm looking really forward to.

So until then...
Wish me luck!


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